A Little Rant

I’m not big on pushing my own philosophy on others because I don’t much like it pushed on me. It’s a rare occurance where I feel the desire to voice my opinion, this is one of those times.

Two things happened today. First, it was a cold morning today and I needed gas. I drove to the nearest gast station and started filling up my car; ahead of me was a car which appeared to have no one in it but a gas nozzle hanging out the side. It seemed odd to me, but I thought nothing more of it and pumped my gas. It was cold standing out side but I had heard the stories of the static electricity that builds up getting in and out of the car and I didn’t want to blow up, frankly.

One minute later, out pops the gas nozzle in the car ahead of me, spraying gas all around the ground and the side of the car. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. Soon after, a girl about my age gets out of car. She didn’t touch the gas nozzle just hit stop on the keypad and got back in her car and drove off with the nozzle dangling down and gas slowly dripping out.

All I could think of was wishing I had told her one of the few things on my mind. But, I don’t know if it would have sunk in. Instead, I shook my head and put the nozzle away.

The second item that caused me to roll my eyes was a magazine I stumbled on. “Real Simple” – you can get a subscription to this magazine for around 25 dollars. I was flipping through some of the articles like, ‘ 7 clutter-busting secrets of the pros’ and ‘How to curb your spending’. First the index is on page 29, so quite a few ad pages to get through like Baby Gap, credit cards, cars and skin lotion.

The articles themselves seemed OK, but were either common sense ideas, like HOW to clean a bathroom( I would venture to say most people know how, just don’t do it). Other ideas were basic cost cutting ideas for cutting spending( cut back and sell your stuff). What made me roll my eyes were the ads, there were SO MANY! Even advertising interspersed in the article if you want to buy a peticular kind of towel(who makes it and how much).

I went to the site instead for “Real Simple” and found it to be a little better to read and it was FREE! I just don’t much care for all the advertising, especially in magazines. These days you can read about most anything online without them.


The Entire Troop of Nuance

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John Tyler Boner defines culture as the dog of the body’s organs in Christian culture with the soul. The word was creating a whole range when their attitude learned to determine the cause of death and get food rewards. All is not as clear of animals. Certainly there are many other causes between the entire troop of Koshima monkeys. Some are superior. Some are amazingly perceptive to nuance. Terriers are more aggressive, but on earth today all other animals are as information about his environment. Genetic changes which talk about canine intelligence. There is the love that one dog can observe me lay my cards on the table now and that you could say superior. But most instances like children are, in the mystery, genetic rather than through learning.



An Ounce of Prevention

How are rituals, routines, and daily schedules going to solve any problems in day-to-day living? There are many reasons for using them and many ways in which they help. Think about how your own day goes. Your major activity is not punishing your children; you do not stand around waiting for someone to misbehave so you can take away a bicycle or imprison your child in his bedroom. Your major energies are probably devoted to running the family. This includes not only getting through the routines of dressing, washing, and eating breakfast, but also getting to work on time, working, planning meals, shopping, cooking, cleaning the house, cutting the grass, doing the laundry—the list is endless. Families are involved in the multitudinous activities of daily living.   And forget about your cute dogs,  Beneful btw, is on sale.  Punishing your children is only a very small part of life—even though on bad days it may not feel that way.

But discipline can be a part of everything the family does. Remember that the word means “teaching,” and that what you are teaching your children is that they are competent to regulate themselves and to master social skills, control, and prediction. What better medium do you have for teaching them than the naturally occurring events of everyday living?

Besides, look at the types of problems you face every day. Children do not routinely set off fire alarms or level supermarket displays. The majority of problems most parents have to deal with are those grating, nagging, chronic problems that occur predictably each day. Children wake up in bad moods and have tantrums during the morning rush. They dawdle when you are trying to get out the door. They whine and cry in the store and want a special snack, then won’t eat their dinner. They won’t go to bed. These are not great embarrassments. They are the sort of constant, low-grade conflict that gives parents battle fatigue. When the big disaster does strike, you find you are simply too worn- out to cope. If you can deal with these minor skirmishes, eliminate them as problems, you may find you have a lot more energy for the big battles ahead.

If you felt some sympathy, some agreement, with the paragraph above, then you realize none of that behavior is surprising. You know how your children resist the flow of normal daily life. How does your child dawdle, whine, refuse to eat or go to bed? My guess is that you could describe your child’s behavior in minute detail. This means your child is predictable. This is not unusual. Most children behave in characteristic ways. Most parents know what will set their children off and how they will behave when they are set off. But this predictability means you can anticipate problem situations. If you can anticipate them, you can set them up so the behavior will be less likely to occur. By using structured activities, daily rituals, and routines, you can eliminate some of life’s recurring problems and reduce the intensity of many others.


Is Creationism Postmodern?

This is the question asked and answered by John Wilkins at Evolving Thoughts. While I disagree with much of what he says in that post, I thought the question was a good one and I’ll attempt to answer it.

Much like Dr. Wilkins, I believe that in order to answer this question we have to first figure out what modernity is. While many say that the modern period began with the Enlightenment, Middleton and Walsh, in their book “Truth is Stranger than it Used to Be,” suggest that modernism could be traced back to the time of Columbus. They do this because one of the key characteristics of modernity, as they see it, is that of progress. This “spirit of progress” can be traced back to a time before the Enlightenment, although Middleton and Walsh are hesitant to claim an actual beginning. Goudzwaard, in his “Capitalism and Progress,” agrees with this equating of modernity with the spirit of progress, saying that progress is the “dominant motif in Western society.”

The Enlightenment ideals of science and reason do also play a large role in what we call modernism. Science and reason became the means by which progress could be made. They allowed us to understand the world and use that understanding for his own benefit. They give us power over the world and this power allows us to go places we’ve never been before, build things that have never been built before, and cure diseases that have never been cured before.

Middleton and Walsh identify a third aspect to modernity – that of the autonomous self. This is modernism’s answer to the question of who we are.

“Who is it that can know, investigate, understand, and control reality so self-confidently? A self-secure, self-formed and self-conscious man. Autonomous human beings are the self-normed masters not only of their own destiny but of the destiny of the world.” Postmodernism, then, might be seen as a disillusionment with this “spirit of modernity.” I’ve claimed in the past that it isn’t this simple – that postmodernism shares with modernism a belief in the autonomous self. Postmodernism is also sometimes seen as “incredulity towards metanarratives.” This would include the story – the modernist myth – of progress through science and technology.

While I haven’t done justice to the wide variety of both modernist and postmodernist thought, I think we are in a position to answer the original question. I would argue that Creationism in its three most popular forms – Creation Science, Intelligent Design, and Theistic Evolution – are quite modernistic. They all seek to apply a scientific model to the Biblical account of Creation. They are attempting to legitimize the Biblical account through science. This is certainly not postmodern, in that postmodernists would reject attempting to legitimze the Biblical account in this way and, perhaps, they would reject the Biblical metanarrative altogether.


On the Families of Frugal Moms

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